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At Galifornia Camper, we offer you the key to the freedom of worry-free travel. Our fleet of camperized vehicles has been meticulously inspected and equipped to provide you with an exceptional travel experience. Committed to offering you the highest quality, combined with the most competitive prices in the market, your next adventure on wheels is just a step away. Find your ideal motorhome and start creating unforgettable memories with every kilometer traveled!

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Wide range of accesories

At Galifornia Camper, we want to make your experience even more exciting and complete. That's why we offer you a wide selection of accessories that will allow you to customize your journey and tailor it to your needs and desires.

From awnings and gazebos to portable barbecues, and even bicycles and electric scooters. 

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CaliforniaCamper: Unforgettable Trips, Unbeatable Prices. Your Camper Adventure Begins Here, Where Economy and Style Meet. 
Pre​cios Insuperables. Tu Aventura Camper Comienza Aquí, Donde la Economía y el Estilo se Encuentran.

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